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Vinyl Siding

2014 February 14 by

Coastal Building Concepts Introduces Prodigy for Vinyl Siding in Wilmington


Wilmington, USA  – Coastal Building Concepts which is one of the leading construction home improvement companies in Wilmington is providing Vinyl Siding services to the residents of Wilmington. Although CBC has been providing vinyl siding service to Wilmington for quite a while now, it recently introduced Prodigy which is a state of the art method of insulation.

The spokesperson for Coastal building Concepts stated, “We are very excited about this new addition. Many don’t realize that a number of developments have taken place in the world of insulation and that there are more effective and modern ways of vinyl siding.”

The introduction was made in order to introduce a modern and aesthetically pleasing vinyl siding choice to their existing arsenal.

“Prodigy is modern and up to date. It blends seamlessly with the design of the house and can actually increase the value of a home. It is perhaps the most evolved siding we have seen so far.”

Vinyl siding is mostly installed in order to reduce the costs of maintenance and insulation. Vinyl is also impervious to termites and has 10 times the life expectancy of wood siding. This has made it a popular choice in the market.

Prodigy is a modern version of traditional vinyl siding with 1.5” thick insulation which is resistant to the flow of heat. It adheres to the outer panels and is a more robust siding option and is resistant to rattling or tearing even in extremely windy situations.

“Prodigy is the best vinyl siding in the market and we want to provide the best to our customers. Not only will the vinyl siding be structurally sound but will also reduce energy costs keeping the home at an optimal temperature throughout the year.”

Prodigy also imitates wood which makes it aesthetically pleasing allowing it to be installed in most homes in accordance with the existing design.
“Unsightly caulking and face nailing don’t really look good on homes and Prodigy eliminates the need for such methods. It really is a great vinyl siding solution.”

Coastal Building Concepts provides a variety of vinyl siding solutions other than Prodigy. These options differ according to their specifications.
“We make sure that no stone is left unturned. Our variety of vinyl siding options makes sure that everyone’s preferences and budget limits are

taken into consideration. Our aim is to cater to everyone’s needs and provide them with custom solutions.”

About Coastal Building Concepts

Coastal Building Concepts is a construction and remodeling company which has been working in the industry for the past 50 years and has managed to carve out a loyal customer base.

Located in Wilmington, NC, they currently provide services to four counties which are Brunswick, New Hanover, Onslow and Pender.
Specializing in window replacements, sunroom installation, vinyl siding and window replacement, Coastal Building Concepts offers free consultations to its customers.

CBC is a fully insured and licensed building contracted in the state of North Carolina and is insured by the workers Compensation and Liability Insurance.


+1 (910) 798-2880

+1 (910) 798-2881

5633 Market St Ste 28
Wilmington, NC 28405



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Home Improvement Services

2014 February 14 by

Costal Building Concepts Providing Home Improvement Services To Residents of Wilmington, NC


Wilmington, USA – Coastal Building Concepts, a company which has been working in the industry for the last 50 years, has spread its home improvement services to Wilmington. The CBC will be providing full range of home improvement services ranging from the addition of a room to a complete remodel.

The spokesperson for Coastal Building Concepts stated, “We are very excited about the services that we are providing here in Wilmington, it has been our base for decades now and we want to provide the best services to the people here.”

Coastal Building Concepts has created a special team of “Home Improvement Specialists” just for this particular purpose. These specialists are experts from the industry who have been working with CBC and specialize in home improvement tasks.

“Home improvement in Wilmington can be a major project and we make sure that only the best services are provided to our clients. We are so grateful for the success and acceptance that we have received from the community.”

In addition CBC will also be providing consultations to clients before starting on the project. A consultation will entail going over the plans of the house and the expectation of the customer.

“It is vital that the specialists and the home owner be on the same page. The client always has a certain picture in mind when it comes to home improvement in Wilmington. Our specialists are very good at envisioning just what our clients want and not only meeting but surpassing their expectations.”

The consultations are mostly aimed at customers who are not aware of the potential in their properties. The spokesperson stated that many customers wanted a remodel but were unaware of the final design.

“Our design specialists are also part of the consultation and make sure that the client can not only make the most of the space in their home but also improve its aesthetic value.”

In addition to consultations and home improvement in Wilmington, the paperwork will also be taken care of by Coastal Building Concepts. Designs, permits, and plans will be submitted to the concerned authorities.

“Our primary goal is customer care and we are committed to it till the very end of the project. In fact, we even go beyond that point with our extended warranties. We make sure that all required inspections and paperwork is completed without the need for the client to worry.”

About Coastal Building Concepts

Coastal Building Concepts is a construction and home improvement company working in the industry for more than 50 years. Coastal Building Concepts is currently based in Wilmington, NC, and is serving the four counties of New Hanover, Brunswick, Pender and Onslow.

Other than home remodeling, Coastal Building Concepts specializes in window replacement, sunroom installations, vinyl siding, and roofing solutions. Coastal Building Concepts has managed to create a loyal customer base in Wilmington and continues to be successful.

CBC is a fully licensed and insured building contractor in North Carolina and is insured by Liability Insurance and Workers Compensation.


+1 (910) 798-2880

+1 (910) 798-2881

5633 Market St Ste 28
Wilmington, NC 28405



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2014 February 14 by

Why You Should Get a Sunroom from the Best in the Market

Coastal Building Concepts: Leading the Way in Sunroom Installation

If done right, a sunroom can quite simply be an architectural masterpiece, and can add significant value to your property. These are large rooms which consist mostly of windows allowing ample light in. However, there are many factors that need to be taken into consideration before you install a sunroom to your house in Wilmington. You may be thinking about space, heat, light, and the costs of adding the sunroom.

Luckily, Coastal Building Concepts answers all the questions and more when it comes to sunroom installation. Being the best in the market, they are well equipped to assess your situation and provide the answers that are best for you.

A Slice of Heaven

Everyone wants to steal a little bit of heaven and keep it in their home, and installing a sunroom in Wilmington in your home is the best way to do it. A sunroom can be the perfect place to read, write, make art, or even just relax for a while. A sunroom can serve as an alternative family room without the noise of the TV blaring in everyone’s ears.

Add a little Beauty to your Life

Looking at natural and beautiful things is amazingly therapeutic and the sunroom in Wilmington allows you to slow down just a little bit and look at the flourishing flowers in your yard. Make the most of the room and allow yourself to unwind.

The Best of Both Worlds

You may love nature’s many bounties and want to be among them all the time, but nature also has a few other tricks up her sleeve and wouldn’t hesitate to send a bug or a critter your way. To make the best of nature and avoid the creepy crawlies, a sunroom in Wilmington is the best solution. Coastal Building Concepts builds a custom sunroom for your needs and makes sure that all 6 legged intruders stay out of your home.

Just imagine a rainy day in your sunroom in Wilmington, making the most of that beautiful light and the eye popping colors without the cold and clammy feeling of rainwater.

State of the Art Glass Systems

People think that a sunroom in Wilmington is always too hot or too cold because it is directly affected by the weather. This is why they connect it to the HVAC to maintain the temperature throughout the year. Coastal Building Concepts, however, resolved all those issues by using solar blocking glass which blocks heat from entering the room maintaining comfortable temperature throughout the year.

Controlled Throughout the Seasons

Whether you’ve opted for an all seasons sunroom or a three season one, your energy costs are kept low as the room is kept cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter all without the need for energy consumption.

A sunroom in Wilmington can be one of the best additions that you can make to your house. Not only do you get additional space, you get a place where you can do all the little things which never seem to have an allocated area. Unwind after a long day at work or create a masterpiece.

Installing a sunroom, however, is a task which needs to be considered carefully before installation. Every house is built differently and you require a professional who can tell you how best to incorporate one in your house. Coastal Building Concepts provides a free consultation to those considering a sunroom in Wilmington and provides them with a custom made solution.

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Window Replacement Services

2014 February 14 by

Coastal Building Concepts Providing the Best Window Replacement Services in Wilmington


Window replacement can be a very tricky business. Not only do you want a window that can be functional but also aesthetically appealing. In addition, since they are key points in the house they are also required to match the theme of the other architecture in the room while providing security and safety. Add to that the need for durability and energy efficiency, and we have quite a cocktail on our hands.

While it seems that we are demanding too much from windows in Wilmington, the truth is actually quite different. The right window replacement can deliver all of that and much more just like Coastal Building Concepts has successfully managed to do.

A Onetime Investment

There’s nothing more expensive than a purchase that you need to keep paying for over the years and this is just what happens when you go for low quality window replacement services. Coastal Building Concept makes sure that the window replacement is a onetime affair and you don’t need to spend more money due to chipping, warping, cracking, or peeling.

The color in the windows is fused right into the vinyl which makes sure that it never fades. This keeps your windows looking as good as new every day.

Ease of Use

In addition, Coastal Building Concepts also makes sure that the windows in Wilmington are functional and easy to operate. Making use of the “Constant Force Balance System”, CBC windows can be used for decades due to the use of stainless steel.

Energy Efficient

The insulated glass used in the window replacement services reduce the heating and lighting expenses making sure that your energy bills are kept at an optimum level. In fact, these energy efficient windows in Wilmington are so effective at keeping costs down that they are practically paying for themselves over the years.

Safety and Security

Windows in Wilmington shouldn’t only be considered for their internal purposes. Windows that face outward demand much more than simple functionality. Since they can also serve as entry points for natural and even criminal elements, they need to be more secure.

Natural elements such as high wind speeds and rain need to be accounted for and the high quality services provided by the Coastal Building Concepts makes sure that the windows are resistant to air and water infiltration.

Lifetime Warranty

The durability, functionality, and aesthetics of the window replacement services by the Coastal Building Concepts are by far the best in the market. Combined with expertise of staff and a commitment to providing quality services makes sure that your windows in Wilmington are just like new even twenty years after the purchase.

It is this conviction and belief in their services and the quality of their product that has led the CBC to provide a “Limited Lifetime Material Warranty” to its customers. From the day of installation until the day the house is sold, the windows in Wilmington are backed.

Window replacement is one of the most important projects when it comes to your home. This is why it’s always best to get professional help and Coastal Building Concepts are the best on the market.


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Welcome To Coastal Building Concepts 2011

2010 November 13 by

With over 50 years of combined experience in remodeling and home repairs, Coastal Building Concepts will help you achieve your home improvement goals. Whether your project is on the exterior or interior, we offer the highest quality products and craftsmanship.

CBC is based in Wilmington, NC and we serve the four county area: New Hanover, Pender, Brunswick and Onslow Counties.

Thank you for visiting Coastal Building Concepts online! We look forward to serving you and making your project a reality! Call today for information on pricing, warranties and financing terms available for roofing, siding, replacement windows, kitchen and bathroom remodeling, custom sunrooms, screenrooms, additions, and more!

Get The CBC Advantage!!!

If you want a company that gives 100% on every job from start to finish, then Call Today 910.798.2880 for a free consultation.

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