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Sunroom Glass

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Industry Leading Glass

Keeps you warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

We understand that the most important component to your sunroom’s construction is the glass that is used. This is why we use our own special Glass System as the standard glass in each of our sunrooms.

This revolutionary glass technology is by far the most advanced glass in the industry. Featuring a lovely, neutral appearance, our Glass System will combine solar control and energy efficiency in a beautiful, non-reflective glass structure.

Our glass system also minimizes the transfer of heat between interior and exterior spaces; A feature which results not only in a comfortable interior room temperature on a year round basis, but may lower utility bills as well. The glass also controls UV light transmission and blocks out most of the damaging UV rays sent from the sun, which will not only protect you and your family, but will protect your furniture, rugs and artwork from fading.

Another property of the Glass System is its strength. The glass system is made with tempered safety glass, a characteristic that makes CBC Sunrooms stronger and safer than any other glass on the market.

Picking the right sunroom can be a dauting task: should it be a 4 season, 3 season or 2 season?, heated or not heated?, and finally single pane glass, double pane glass or vinyl window? This concise guide will help you decide what features are right for you!
To receive this free guide via email, click the following button and fill out the request form. Make sure you select the “Guide” option.

We also offer products for: Siding, Windows, Metal Roofing, Bath & Kitchen Remodeling and finally Additions, ! Contact us for more information on any of CBC’s Product and Services! 910-798-2880