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Our Walls

A Wall System Designed To Withstand The Test Of Time

Standard in each of CBC’s sunrooms is our state-of-the-art FUTURA® technology. Our revolutionary FUTURA® product is embedded into the lower exterior wall section of our sunrooms. By using FUTURA® as a standard in each of our sunrooms, you can be confident that you will receive a sunroom that will resist UV rays, fading, chalking and yellowing. In addition, FUTURA® is scratch and dent resistant, which ensures that your sunroom will look like new forever.

The wall structure of an Alligator Sunroom is made with a treated aluminum extrusion. This unique frame allows your sunroom to withstand higher wind speeds related to adverse weather conditions. The frame is also insulated with a 2-lb density thermal foam core, which provides you with maximum thermal performance.

Each wall in an Alligator sunroom is also equipped with an internal weep system. This unique system is designed to continuously channel water away from your sunroom, no matter what the conditions are, alleviating any concerns of leakage.

Picking the right sunroom can be a dauting task: should it be a 4 season, 3 season or 2 season?, heated or not heated?, and finally single pane glass, double pane glass or vinyl window? This concise guide will help you decide what features are right for you!

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