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The Embodiment Of Style

Available Options

The details you see inside your home are as important as the windows you see through. That’s why we offer a wide range of glass and trim options to express your personal style. From the handcrafted details of custom grids, to the high-class antique look of beveled leaded glass, to the warmth of complementary woodgrain finishes, our decorative options are offered with custom-made quality to ensure performance and style are equal partners.


Beautiful, Maintenance-Free Pre-Finished Interior Trim
UltraTrim – Pre-Finished Interior Trim is the perfect complement to your CBC windows and patio doors, adding that rich, final detail that says you really care about your home. Made from the same high-grade PVC vinyl laminate as our CBC interior-finished woodgrain windows, so there will never be painting or staining involved — we painstakingly match the wood tone and grain of UltraTrim to that of our window products. Solid-color trim is also guaranteed to be an exact match to your Alside white or beige windows, so you don�t need to paint or stain in that case, either.

Nine classic and contemporary molding profiles are available to suit your interior d�cor preferences. And each is engineered for a compatible, easy-to-install application. They are ideal for all of our standard window and patio door styles as well as bays, bows and garden windows and patio doors.
UltraTrim Features

  • Available in light oak, dark oak, cherry, white and beige finishes
  • Complete selection of components and profiles for a complete, finished look
  • Will never require painting, staining or touch-up

Window Colors

Making a Visual Statement
Your own personal style is reflected in many ways, and your home is no exception. From the exterior of your home to the interior, Alside offers a number of popular color combinations. You might choose from the subtle, warm tones of our standard white or beige windows. Or, make a bolder statement by complementing your exterior with our American Brown exterior window.

On the interior, in addition to white and beige, you may choose from three splendid woodgrain finishes. This option will allow you to accent, or complement any natural d’cor that may already exist. And if beige is your exterior choice, we also offer a white interior finish that may add to that clean, crisp look your room desires.
Color Features

  • Available in light oak, dark oak, cherry, white and beige finishes
  • Complete selection of components and profiles for a complete, finished look
  • Will never require painting, staining or touch-up

Interior Grids

The Look Of Fine, Hand-Crafted Detail
If you’re convinced that every detail makes a difference, you’ll appreciate the custom-crafted look of CBC’s elegant interior grids. Capturing the style and feel of a bygone age of hand-crafted detailing, the simple addition of a classic grid pattern can add warmth and serenity to your home’s atmosphere.

All grid patterns are available on all replacement, specialty and new construction window models. Plus, all grids are enclosed within the insulated glass unit so they provide all the warmth and beauty, but don’t interfere with cleaning.

Classic Grids offer a simple, traditional look and are available in white, beige, narrow-brass and light oak, dark oak and cherry woodgrain finishes.*

Contoured Grids feature a molded­cut wood’s look and are available in white or beige, and light oak, dark oak and cherry woodgrain finishes.*
* Grid patterns for Geneva and Centurion vinyl replacement windows are only available in white, beige or bright-brass finishes.

Interior Grid Features

  • Classic or Contoured profiles available
  • Offered in white, beige, brass, cherry, dark oak and light oak finishes
  • Enclosed between the panes to ensure easy glass cleaning

Cut Glass

The Ultimate Expression Of Elegance
Cut and polished glass patterns lend elegance and sophistication to the interior and exterior of your home. These refined yet durable designs add a level of opulence and visual interest that once commanded a premium price.

But now, they are available as an available upgrade option for nearly all of window styles.

Cut Glass Features

  • Hand-cut and polished patterns
  • All the durability of our standard windows

Authentic Beveled-Leaded Glass

Craftsmanship Is Timeless
Nothing provides the timeless style and appeal of authentic beveled-leaded glass features on windows and doors. Alside beveled-leaded glass is created using hand-cut glass, crystal bevel clusters and hand-soldered camings. This decorative feature is available in four styles to complement the architecture of your home, with brass, lead or pewter-toned caming metal as an additional opportunity to customize your look.

Available for many of our window models and styles, you can rest assured that even with the classic look of beveled-leaded glass, your windows will have the same high-performance, low-maintenance quality you expect from us.

Beveled-Leaded Glass Features

  • Hand-cut glass
  • Crystal bevel clusters
  • Hand-soldered camings
  • Available in 4 styles and 3 metal finishes